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The best ultralight aircraft in the world

May 15 2019

Flying has always been one of the highest aspirations of man, this dream for Nino Famà, the founder of the Famà Helicopters, has come true.

The Famà Helicopters was founded in 2009 with the implementation of the project KISS 209M, designed and built by Nino Famà, after after twenty years of experience in the construction and testing of helicopters, kit has decided to dedicate himself solely to the task of building helicopters.

“The passion for flight has led me to become the manufacturer of the aircraft, which I would have driven in the sky. “

Today, after a constant commitment for two decades, the Famà Helicopters is a business reality and an example of excellence, which has customers in Italy and abroad, especially in France and Germany, where there is a strong interest in the aircraft of Solignano. The main customers are represented by private flight schools, but also the bodies of surveillance of the territory and the borders for the countries of the east. Among the future plans there is an extension of the sales to countries outside the EU such as Cuba, Russia, and Australia, and a consolidation in Europe.

The next dream: that our KISS to see from the top all over the world.

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The best ultralight aircraft in the world

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