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New Turbine FT16

Jul 24 2019

The new project of Turbine FT16 has been installed on the new helicopter model KISS 216, improved performance and fuel consumption.

This project was necessary in order to meet and increase sales on all areas of the market, even those with the most extreme conditions critical as this turbine is able to fly at high temperatures in addition to weigh 30 Kg less than the previous model, also with regard to the consumption is less than that in addition to the economic aspect is also important on an environmental level.

Another feature important is the maximum speed that can reach 205 Km/h.

With this project, we are able to Certify the helicopter as Ultralight aircraft in Germany, a source and a springboard for a substantial increase of sales in Germany but also in the whole of Europe .

The previous model's KISS 209 is already a great success across Europe and in the World (France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, Chile etc...) as it is theonly ultralight helicopter in the world with retractable landing gear in addition to the exceptional performance and the construction of 80% in the company, with the development of the new turbine will become theonly ultralight helicopter in the world produced entirely in a company, and Italian.

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