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FAMA’ HELICOPTERS by Antonino Famà

Italian Idea - Italian Project - Italian technology

The FAMA 'HELICOPTERS born in 2009 from the passion for engines and the experience gained in the automotive field of its founder Antonino Famà, who after years of activity in the automotive sector of the competitions, decides to give shape to his own project to realize ultralight helicopters totally conceived in Italy.

Thus was born the first helicopter called KISS 209M, conceptually innovative both from a technological and economic point of view.


Our conceptually innovative helicopter is the fruit of Italian design and production, synonymous with guarantee and quality.


The vision is to give shape to our project to build ultralight helicopters totally conceived in Italy.


The KISS project was born from the desire to create a product with unique and particular characteristics.


Continuous checks on the entire production cycle are carried out by qualified and specialized professionals.

A family business

From the age of 12, Nino Famà had a passion for design, construction and speed, creating a small car in iron and wood with a 50 cc engine.

He began his motoring career with the Sidecar Cross, participating and winning the Italian Championship three times in a row in the '79, '80 and '81.

Remaining always in the environment of speed, he moved to motor racing where from 1982 to 2008 he took part in various Italian and European Championships, initially only as a driver and then also as team manager of his team, winning six championships.

During all these years in addition to managing the team and therefore developing experience in aerodynamics, in the construction of high-tech mechanical components, he also managed the mechanical engineering company where he has always carried out work on mechanical parts for industrial machines.

Antonino Famà
Italian Sidecar Champion in the 1980s, with a glorious past as a Team Manager in the automotive sector, in 2009 he founded FAMA 'HELICOPTERS and to this day continues the activity supported by his daughter Manuela.
Antonino FamàCEO & Founder
Chief Helicopter Test Pilot
Helicopter Flight Instructor ULM
Manuela Famà
He collects the inheritance in competitions from his father by running in the Tourism championships and then he follows in his footsteps becoming one of the central figures of Famà Helicopters.
Manuela FamàCo-Founder
General Manager
Helicopter Pilot