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Internal Production

Design, processing, production and assembling take place directly in our factory in Solignano near Modena

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The Fuselage & Frame

Frames are made, bent and welded by our technicians, as the basis for the fuselage made of carbon fibre

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Turbine FT16

Our new turbine develops 181 hp, can do the hovering with temperatures up to 40° C, reaching a maximum speed of 205 Km/h

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The dashboard, the management and navigation software are entirely designed and built ad-hoc by our software engineers

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Technical specialized assistance is directly guarantee by the Italian head office that is constantly updated in the technical documentation

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Authorized dealers are present in Europe and the rest of the world, and  they guarantee capillarity in the distribution and sale



Manufactured in Italy

Our helicopter is the result of design and Italian production,
a synonym of guarantee and quality.

Safety and Professionalism

Continuous controls on the whole production cycle, are performed
by skilled professionals and specialists.

Worldwide shipping

Thanks to our authorized dealers in Europe and the rest of the world,
we also provide assistance and timely deliveries.

Who is Famà Helicopters

The Origins

The FAMA 'HELICOPTERS was born in 2009 from the passion for engines and the experience gained in the automotive field of its founder Antonino Famà, who after years of activity in the automotive sector of the competitions, decided to give form to his own project to produce ultralight helicopters totally realized in Italy.
In this moment  FAMA produced the first helicopter called KISS 209M, conceptually innovative both from a technological and an economic point of view.

Our Mission

The KISS project was born from the strong desire of Nino Famà to create a product with unique and particular characteristics.
The design and engineering skills of the founder allowed, over the years, to arrive to an ultralight helicopter, essential and completely MADE IN ITALY.
The KISS project is today a consolidated reality known also all over the world.

The Vision

At the age of 12 years old Nino Famà cultivated a passion for design, construction and speed.
His dream begun with the construction of a small car in iron and wood with a 50 cc engine.
After years of studies, growth and experience, his dream becomes a company that produces helicopters that are designed to be reliable, fast and lean, both in management and maintenance.

Italian Sidecar Champion in the 80's, with a glorious past as a Team Manager in the cars field, in 2009 he founded the FAMAS' HELICOPTERS and today he continues the activity helped by his daughter Manuela.Antonino Famà CEO & Founder
Chief Helicopter Test Pilot
Helicopter Flight Instructor ULM
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 She collected the inheritance in competitions from the father's activity in Tourism championships, and then it she follows him in his footsteps, becoming one of the central figures of the Famà Helicopters. Manuela Famà Co-Founder
General Manager
Helicopter Pilot
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